Latest GoodLock Update on Android 11 One UI 3.0 – Complete Tips on How to Install GoodLock in 2021

In this article, we will see the newest way to install GoodLock in 2021. This article is an update from the previous article on how to install GoodLock for unsupported regions. In this article, we will explain in detail about how to install GoodLock, both from installing the application and how to install the module.

GoodLock App - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

For those who don’t know what GoodLock is, it’s an application that you can use to modify the display of your smartphone. There are many things that you can modify with this GoodLock application. You can modify the display of the Home screen, Lock screen, Notification panel and so on with this GoodLock application.

1. How to Install

NiceLock App - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

Okay, now let’s just go to the tutorial on how to install it. For the easiest way, you can open the Play Store application then you can immediately download the NiceLock application. Then after finishing downloading the NiceLock application, we immediately open the application. In the NiceLock application, there are many modules that you can immediately install one by one. There are modules that have not been updated for One UI 3.0 on Android 11. However, there are also several modules that have received updates such as LockStar, MultiStar, NavStar and several other modules.

2. How to Install Modules

After successfully installing NiceLock, you can immediately install the modules for your smartphone. For how to install the module, you just have to click on the three top right dots. Then here open the “Open XDA support thread”, later you will be directed to the XDA developer browser.

Open XDA support thread - Complete Tips on How to Install the Latest GoodLock in 2021

Then here you just have to scroll a little and immediately tap on the link “Downloader Companion Website”.

Downloader Companion Website - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

Well, on this website you can immediately select the modules you want to download according to your needs. There are various modules here that you can use.

Modules - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

For the functions of these modules, we have also discussed in our previous article. For those of you who don’t know the function of these modules, you can check our previous article.

How to Install Clockface Module

Clockface - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

Then here we can directly select the module we want to download. For example, here we want to change the Clockface display in the Always on display section of the smartphone. In the Always on display section, there is a clock face that is the same as the display on the Lock screen. So, if we want to change the display of this clock, we can take advantage of a module called Clockface. So, to download each module, we can immediately click on the module you want to download. Here we try to download the latest version of Samsung Clockface. Then, here we scroll and see at the bottom it says “All versions”.

All versions - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

Here you can immediately see the versions of Clockface from the old series to the latest. Here, the newest update is on January 28, 2021 and before that there was also a November 17 version and previous versions.

For those of you who use the old Samsung series, there may be an incompatible module on your smartphone. So, you can also try old series that are still compatible for your smartphone.

So, here we will try to install the latest Samsung Official version which is January 28. To download it, we immediately click the “down arrow” button to the right of this.

Then, we will be taken to the Samsung Clockface page, which is the latest version that we chose earlier. Then here we can immediately scroll a little and if for example it says “SEE AVAILABLE APKS”, you can tap, or you can also scroll down to this section because if we tap it, it will immediately scroll to the bottom.

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SEE AVAILABLE APKS - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

And here is the words “Download” and the variant writing. So, for the modules that appear SEE AVAILABLE APKS, just tap or scroll immediately and you can immediately click on the “variant number”.

Variant Number - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

For example, here there is a variant number like this, January 28, 2021, we can immediately tap on this variant. Then, here we just have to scroll the page and see the “DOWNLOAD APK” button. If you have found the DOWNLOAD APK button, just click and then you will immediately download the Clockface module.

DOWNLOAD APK - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

At the bottom, we just have to press “Download”, we just have to wait until the download is complete, then we can immediately install the module. After successfully downloading the Clockface module, we can immediately click “Open” at the bottom below. Then click the “Install” button and the Clockface module has been successfully installed on your smartphone.

So that the article is not too long, we will only demonstrate one module in this article. For the other modules, it is more or less the same as the previous method. So, you can immediately select the module according to the module you want. Here there are many new modules that you can download directly in the same way as before.

Apart from the NiceLock application, you can also install the module via the Fine Lock application. So far, there are no advertisements for the FineLock application like the NiceLock application we tried earlier. However, sometimes the modules in the FineLock application are not updated and for updates, the NiceLock application is more updated.

FineLock App - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

So, for example, if you have installed it in the previous way, you can immediately open the settings through the FineLock application. So, later when you open settings, the ad will not appear in the application, because in fact the FineLock or NiceLock functions that we use are only for opening the application settings. Because most of the GoodLock module icons don’t appear in the App drawer. So, we have to take advantage of the additional NiceLock application, FineLock. And to open the settings and customization of the modules, we have to open them through this GoodLock application.

And for unsupported regions, because this is not available officially via the Galaxy Store or Play Store, so if you install GoodLock, it will appear like this.

Unsupported Regions GoodLock Display - Complete Tips on How to Install the GoodLock in 2021

And an alternative way to open the module settings, we can take advantage of this alternative method with NiceLock or FineLock. So, later we can go directly to the module settings like this.

For example, we want to change the LockStar module, we just need to go to NiceLock and select LockStar. So, later we can immediately change and customize the display of your Samsung phone.

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