Here’s What’s New on Samsung Galaxy S21+ as Compared to S20+ | Unboxing Samsung S21+ Phantom Black

In this article, we will discuss the Samsung Galaxy S21+. The Samsung Galaxy S21+ which we will discuss in this article is the black variant with 256 GB of memory.

Inside the box, we get the Samsung Galaxy S21+ and there is also a bonus SmartTag. So, we don’t reorder directly, but we buy from people who pre-order. So, people only sell Samsung Galaxy S21+ and SmartTag. So, here we don’t get the Galaxy Buds Live for bonus.

1. SmartTag

The function of this SmartTag is to track the whereabouts of your things. For example, for key or bag, so we just need to hang it on the key or bag. So, later the bag or key can be directly traced with this SmartTag. For those of you who pre-order directly, of course you will get a SmartTag and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. However, for sales after the pre-order period, the bonus is no longer a SmartTag and Buds Live, but only Wireless Charging and cashback.

Samsung SmartTag

Okay, now let’s just discuss the Samsung Galaxy S21+. The box of the Samsung Galaxy S21+ looks quite slim. For this Samsung Galaxy S21+ box, now it has followed in the footsteps of Apple, which no longer includes a charger adapter in the sales package. So, for those of you who buy the S21+, you have to buy the charger adapter separately.

2. The Box

The box looks quite simply, it only has the letter “S” and “21”, and for the “S” color, this indicates the color of the device in the box, this one is the black variant. At the bottom it says S21+ 5G and on the left, it says Galaxy, and on the right, there is the Samsung logo. And as for the seals, there are two on the back and here is some information about the device. Here it looks made by Samsung Electronics Indonesia in Cikarang, Bekasi. So, this is the official Indonesian variant.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Box

3. Inside the Box

Inside the box is the IMEI number of this smartphone, then we get the device. Then in the box we only get this black box. In the box we get the SIM Card Tray Ejector, then here we get 2 manuals, and finally we get the USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. And that’s all that’s in the sales box. This time, in the S21+ Series, we don’t get a Charger Adapter and earphones in the sales package.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Box Content

4. Back Design

For the first impression, the back design looks quite interesting and quite different from the previous series. For the S21+ series, the back is still made of glass, while those made of plastic or carbonate are the S21 Series only. The S21+ Series still uses the same glass as the S21 Ultra, while the S21 Series still uses polycarbonate plastic. So that’s one of the things that differentiates between the regular S21 and the S21+. For the black color in this series, the design looks quite attractive with a dove or matte design like this. At the first look, the back design looks quite attractive and the back doesn’t have a sensitive magnetic fingerprint like in the previous series. So, even without using a case, the matte or dove color looks quite attractive.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Back Design

5. Camera Design

And for the camera design it is also quite interesting in the S21+ Series this time because for the previous S21+ Series the camera design was not too iconic like this and there are also several A Series which are also quite like the camera design. If we compare it to the S20+ Series, the camera setup looks quite the same and the camera specifications are also quite the same as the previous S20+ Series. For the S21+ Series, something has been removed, namely the camera or the ToF sensor. For the previous S20+ series, there was still a ToF sensor on the rear camera. So, the black color in the S21+ Series is quite attractive and quite impressive at first glance. And for the camera frame design that blends directly with the side frame it also looks quite attractive and has never been in the previous series.

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Samsung Galaxy S21+ Camera Design

6. Samsung S20+ vs S21+ Bezel Comparison

For the difference in the bezel, it doesn’t look too different between the S20+ and the latest S21+. In fact, now in the S21+ Series, the sides are no longer curved. So, the bezel looks a little thin on the previous S20+. For the latest series now, only the S21 Ultra is curved. For comparison, the bezel is not much different.

Bezel Samsung Galaxy S21+ vs Samsung Galaxy S20+

7. One UI Version

For the One UI version, the S20+ still uses One UI 3.0 based on Android 11, while the S21+ uses One UI 3.1 with Android 11. Later, in the next article we will also compare One UI 3.0 and One UI 3.1.

One UI 3.0 Vs One UI 3.1

8. Director’s View

On the Samsung Galaxy S21+, there is a new feature called Director’s view. So, with the Director’s view feature, we can immediately record video with 3 cameras at once. Here we can immediately change the display lens. For example, we want a Telephoto lens or a regular lens and we can also move directly to the Wide-Angle Lens while recording the video. This is one of the newest features in One UI 3.1 that was not available in the previous 3.0 version. Later we’ll see if the S20+ Series will get this Director’s view feature too. So, for the total we can choose four camera views: there are 3 rear cameras and one front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ Director's view

This is a feature that is quite unique and interesting for those of you who like to shoot videos because you can immediately see several other video angles using different lenses and you can immediately record the full video in one whole video. In Director’s view, there is also an option for picture-in-picture, do you want to split like this or do you want a single like this. So, there are several options for Director’s view. For more details, we will discuss in the next comparison article.

9. Samsung S21+ Photo Sample

Now, we’re going to take a look at a sample photo of the Samsung Galaxy S21+ and we’ll also take some sample photos on S20+ for a little comparison.

Picture Quality Samsung Galaxy S21+ vs Samsung Galaxy S20+

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