8 IMPORTANT and USEFUL FEATURES on Samsung smartphone, but they are rarely known – available in various versions of One UI!

Hello everyone, in this article we will look at 8 useful features on Samsung smartphone that are rarely known. These features are rarely known by many people, but they are quite useful if you use them. For those of you who are curious and want to know what are the most useful features on this Samsung mobile phone, let’s just look at the first feature.

1. Two-finger Swipe Down

The first feature is the swipe feature with two fingers in the notification panel. Usually when you want to open the notification panel, you will swipe once like this then you have to swipe once again to open the notification section to be wider like this.

Two-finger Swipe Down

However, by swiping two fingers on the notification panel like this, you can immediately open the notification panel to a wider area. So, you don’t need to swipe twice like this. You can just swipe with two fingers and it will immediately open wider like this.

2. Tap on Icon Title

Then the second feature is that you can immediately tap on the panel name to enter the settings. Usually in the notification panel, you can tap the icon to activate or deactivate the feature. To enter the settings, you can long press in the notification panel or you can immediately press the name section of the notification panel icon. By pressing the text from the bottom of this icon, you can directly enter the settings section.

Tap on Icon Title

You can also just click the details at the bottom and go straight to the settings. You can also directly access other settings by pressing the text under this icon. For example, here in the Always on display section you can also press it immediately and it will go straight to the settings. Sometimes it also includes settings that you have never found before.

3. Use Cloud Apps on File Manager

Then the third next feature, you can directly connect Google Drive or One Drive directly to the My Files section. This My Files application is the default application for File Manager on Samsung mobile phones. When you enter the My Files application, then click on the three top right dots then enter the settings, here you can directly connect Samsung Cloud Drive, One Drive and Google Drive.

Use Cloud Apps on File Manager

There are three Cloud applications that you can directly connect to the My Files application. If you have connected Google Drive or One Drive to the My Files application, you can directly access your files on Google Drive or One Drive directly from the application.

4. Shortcuts for Video on Gallery

Then the fourth next feature, you can create a shortcut that you can directly access to open a special gallery for the video. So, if you open the gallery, photos and videos will usually appear in it. If you want to create a special shortcut to access videos in the gallery section, you can immediately click on the video section at the top of this gallery. When you click Videos, the videos in your gallery will appear.

Shortcuts for Video on Gallery

So that it is easier for you to open a special gallery for this video, you can create a special shortcut that can directly access this special video gallery. You can select the three top right dots then select the Add to Home screen then select Add at the bottom. Then on your Home screen a shortcut will appear to access the special gallery section of this video. You can immediately tap on this icon section and will immediately enter the gallery which contains all the videos on your smartphone. If you often open videos on your smartphone, of course this shortcut will be quite useful for you.

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5. Hide App Icons on App Drawer

Then next to the fifth setting, you can also remove the application icon in the App Drawer. Create an application icon that you want to remove or hide, you can immediately select one by one in this setting section. To get rid of the icons in the App Drawer, you can enter the settings in the three upper right dots. Then here you select the Home screen settings. On the Home screen settings, you can immediately swipe to the bottom and see the Hide app. You can select Hide this app and you can immediately select the application icons that you want to hide from the App Drawer.

Hide App Icons on App Drawer

For example, here we can select an application, for example a calculator application and will go directly to the Hidden apps section. After you click Done, later in the App Drawer the application icon that you hid earlier will no longer appear.

6. Link to Windows

Then the next sixth feature is the Link to Windows feature. You can use the Link to Windows feature directly to connect your smartphone directly to your laptop or PC. In the notification panel, there is a Link to Windows which you can use right away.

Link to Windows

You just have to connect it to your laptop here. Later when you are finished connecting your smartphone to the laptop, you can immediately check message notifications, photos, applications and calls directly from your laptop.

7. Samsung Dex

Then the next feature is the Samsung Dex feature. For this Samsung Dex feature, you can also directly connect your smartphone to your laptop or to your TV. This feature is a little different from Link to Windows because if we link to Windows, we only link the smartphone to the laptop. As for the features of this Samsung Dex, you can directly access the smartphone directly from other devices.

Samsung Dex

So, for example, if you connect the smartphone to the monitor, you can immediately use the monitor like your smartphone . So, you don’t need any other additional devices. So, the monitor and TV only function as displays, while the operating system is on your smartphone . So, you can immediately access all the contents of your smartphone directly from the monitor or TV.

8. Bixby Routine

Then the eighth feature is the Bixby Routine feature. The Bixby Routine feature is also quite a useful feature on Samsung smartphone and you can immediately take advantage of its function. There are various functions that you can use by using this Bixby Routine. For example, when you want to record videos with your smartphone, you can immediately activate Bixby Routine.

Bixby Routine

So, all the settings will immediately change according to what you choose. For a more complete discussion about the Bixby Routine, you can also check our previous video which has discussed specifically about Bixby Routine.

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