DO NOT Update to One UI 3.0❗- 6 Features Missing in One UI 3.0 Android 11

On this occasion we will look at several reasons for not updating to One UI 3.0 first. If you are still using some of the features that we discussed in this article, you should not update to One UI 3.0 first. Okay, now let’s just see what are the reasons why you shouldn’t first update to One UI 3.0.

In One UI 3.0, there are indeed many settings and a new look that is presented on your cellphone. However, there are also settings that are removed in One UI 3.0.

1. Edge Lighting with Detailed Notification

An example of the first missing setting in One UI 3.0 is the Detail View with Edge Lighting. In previous versions of One UI 2.5 and 2.0, you can display Detail View and Edge Lighting simultaneously. In One UI 3.0, now the Edge Lighting can only work when you activate the Brief Pop-Up Notification.

Edge Lighting with Detailed Notification

If you activate the Brief Pop-Up notification on the left, the settings for the Edge Lighting will appear. So in One UI 3.0, the Edge lighting can only work in Brief Pop-Up Notifications and if you choose the detailed settings on the right, the option for Edge Lighting will disappear at the bottom. So, you can’t set Edge Lighting if you want a Detail View like before.

2. Change Icon Shape Option

Change Icon Shape OptionThen the next feature that you also can’t get One UI 3.0 is replacing the Shape icon as in our tips in the previous article. In our previous article, we have shared how to change the Shape icon to various other shapes. For those of you who still use the Shape icon feature, unfortunately on Android 11 One UI 3.0, the feature is no longer available. So, you can’t change the Shape icon like in the previous version of Android 10. So, for those of you who still want to use this feature, you shouldn’t update to One UI 3.0 yet.

3. Advanced Full screen Apps Option

Then the third thing that is also not present in One UI 3.0 is the Cut-out Display in its Display Full Screen Apps settings. In the previous version, if you looked at the settings, then select Display Settings and select the Full screen apps, at the top right there will be three icon dots that you can tap to select the option. There you can select applications that you don’t want to display in full screen.

Advanced Full screen Apps Option

So, when you open the application at the top you will see a black bar as a whole. Whereas in One UI 3.0, you can no longer choose the previous setting. Indeed, in Android 11 there is also an option in the Developer option that can Simulate the display with this cutout. You can choose several options in it. Unfortunately, there is no long black bar option like in the previous version. Of course, this setting doesn’t help you if you want to get rid of just one line at the top. Here there are only double cutout options such as, Punch hole cutout like this, there is a Tall cutout option like this, then there is also a Waterfall cutout option like this.

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4. Good Lock Features

Good Lock FeaturesAnd then what you should consider before updating to One UI 3.0 is the loss of some Good lock functions. For those of you who use some of the features of some of the Good lock features like in our previous video, after this update there will be several functions of this feature that are still not compatible on Android 11. Usually, it will take some time for these modules to get compatible updates on Latest Android 11. So, if you are still using some of the features of this Good lock module, you should not update to the latest One UI 3.0.

5. Medium Power Saving + 120Hz

Medium Power Saving + 120HzThen next if you take advantage of the Medium Power Saving feature along with 120Hz like in our previous tips, after updating to One UI 3.0, unfortunately these tips are no longer valid. So, you can no longer use the Medium Power Setting at the same time as 120Hz. So, if you still want to use the Medium Power Settings at the same time as 120Hz, you should not update to One UI 3.0 yet.

6. App Compatibility

Then the next reason for delaying updating to One UI 3.0 is that the applications you use often don’t support Android 11. Because One UI 3.0 is based on the latest Android 11, so make sure the apps you use often support Android 11. You can check first. and make sure crucial applications like banking like this already support Android 11 and make sure you have to reset your password because it is considered a new device in some banking applications. For example, there are applications that are often used, but don’t yet support Android 11, you should first postpone the update to Android 11 because you are afraid that it will make it difficult for you because you can’t use the applications you usually use every day.

App Compatibility

For those of you who are facing other issues in the One UI 3.0 update, you can also share in the comments column below or you can also report the bug directly in the Samsung member app on Get Help. In the Samsung member application, you can select Get Help then send an error report based on the error you get.

For example, the error is in the camera application, you can immediately send it and you can explain the problem. You can also write directly in the comments column to help other users who haven’t updated to One UI 3.0. Your comments will certainly be quite helpful for other users who haven’t updated to One UI 3.0.

How to Report Bug on Samsung Member App

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