2 Hidden Features on OneUI 3.0 To Check Gaming Performance on Samsung Cellphone Running Android 11

On this video, we will talk about two hidden features on Android 11 that you can use to check gaming performance on your cellphone. In the latest One UI 3.0, there are now two new features that you can get to check gaming performance on your cellphone.

You can bring up the “refresh rate” and the graphics performance on the screen of the cellphone. This feature is certainly quite useful for those of you who want to check gaming performance on your cellphone. You can check the GPU performance while you are playing a game with these two new features. Okay now let’s just look at these two new features.

1.Refresh Rate

To activate the “refresh rate” display on the front of the cellphone screen, you can immediately enter the cellphone settings. Then “scroll” to the very bottom and select the About phone. Here select the Software information and “tap” several times on the “Build Number” section. Then here enter the PIN to open your cellphone.

Refresh Rate

Then it will say “Developer mode has been turned on”. Then you hit “back” twice and hit “Developer option” at the very bottom. Then in the “Developer option” setting, you just have to “scroll” and look for the “Show refresh rate”. In the “Show refresh rate” setting, all you have to do is activate the options, then the “refresh rate” will immediately appear on the top left of the screen.

Refresh Rate

For example, here we change it to 96 Hz the number will immediately change and if we return it to 120 Hz it will also change immediately. Then for example we reduce the “refresh rate” to 60 Hz, the number will immediately change to 60 Hz like this. So, this setting can be an indicator when you want to check the “refresh rate” of your cellphone screen.

2. GPU Watch

Then the second feature in One Ui 3.0 is “GPU watch”. This “GPU watch” feature will display info on the GPU performance of your cellphone. To activate it, you can also activate it directly in the “Developer options” section. Then “scroll” and look in the “Games” section. Then in “Games” there is a “GPU watch” setting in this section. In this section, you just have to activate the “GPU watch”, then the GPU watch will immediately appear on the screen of the cellphone.

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GPU Watch

The settings will appear when you exit this “GPU watch” setting. The “GPU watch” display will look like this. Here you can directly monitor the performance of the CPU that is being activated. At the top there is the CPU and GPU then on the left there is the FPS. So, you can use this feature to monitor gaming performance on your cellphone. For “GPU watch” it is an overlay, so you can still “tap” on the back. Then you can add the “GPU watch” setting with other additional widgets. For example, there is “Current Average Frames per Second”, there is “CPU Overall Load” that you can add. Then there is also text that you can add in this section. There is also a “Widget From Preset” here.

For example, here we add everything, and for the “general setting” you can also set it in this section. You can also change the “color” part. For transparency, you can also increase and decrease in this setting.

GPU Watch

So, you can adjust the color to be this “GPU watch” with different colors. Here you can change the “background color”. For example, here we choose red for the “GPU watch”, and later the display will immediately change to red like this. So, there are many settings in this GPU watch section that you can adjust according to your individual tastes and needs. And you can adjust the color and display what info you want to display on the screen.

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