16 Most Useful Features on WhatsApp that You May Not Know & Use Yet – Latest WhatsApp Features 2021

In this article we will look at some hidden features in WhatsApp application that you may not have known or used before.

There are many interesting features of the WhatsApp application that you can take advantage of when using this application. So these features can be very beneficial and also quite useful for you. Okay, now let’s just see what are all the features.

1. Play Voice Note before Sending

For the first feature that you can use in the WhatsApp application that you may have never known before is that you can record Voice Notes and listen before you send them to contacts or to other groups. So, when you press and hold the microphone icon to send a Voice Note, the voice recording will be sent immediately when you release the button.

Play Voice Note before Sending

The recorded message will be sent immediately and you won’t be able to hear the result first. And if you send a separate recording sound from another application, the sending format will look different and also cannot be played directly on the recipient.

Play Voice Note before Sending

So to make sure you can first check the results of the recorded sound that you want to send in a format like this, the trick is that you can press and hold the microphone button and swipe up to lock the recording.

And while recording is in progress you can return to the home screen by pressing the home button or swipe up for those of you who use the full navigation gesture, then you can reopen the WhatsApp application.

Well, here now the recording will stop immediately and you can listen to the recording first. So, you can first evaluate the recording before you decide to send it to your personal chat or group chat.

2. Auto Play Voice Note in Private

Then the second feature that you may not have known before is that when you click the Voice Note sent from a friend or from another chat, when you play a recording sent from your friend, the sound will usually be played directly on the speaker.

Auto Play Voice Note in Private

However, when you bring the earpiece close to your ear, the recorded sound will immediately moved to the earpiece and no longer be played on the speaker. This is an automatic feature in the WhatsApp application.

3. Unlock WhatsApp with Fingerprint

Then the third feature, you can also activate the fingerprint unlock feature to open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone.

For the phones that still don’t support applications lock using fingerprints in their default settings, such as in the Samsung phone series, you can use fingerprint unlock for the WhatsApp application. So every time you open the WhatsApp application you have to unlock it with a fingerprint before then.

For those of you whose phones are often borrowed by friends orother people, you can activate this feature so that your chats can’t be read by someone else.

To activate this feature, you can open the WhatsApp application then select the option in the three dots icon in the upper right corner then enter the settings menu.

Unlock WhatsApp with Fingerprint

Then in these settings, select Account then select Privacy and here you can find the setting or feature called Fingerprint lock.

Unlock WhatsApp with Fingerprint

Here you just have to activate unlock with fingerprint then you will be asked to unlock with fingerprint for verification.

Unlock WhatsApp with Fingerprint

Here there are several options for the WhatsApp lock feature. You can activate “Immediately” to lock the WhatsApp application directly when you exit the application, or you can also lock it after one minute after exiting the application, or after 30 minutes exiting the WhatsApp application. For the default, here let’s choose after 1 minute.

Unlock WhatsApp with Fingerprint

Then in the settings below, you can also disable this option if you don’t want notifications or new messages that come in to be read by others.

4. Two-step Verification

Then the fourth setting you can activate 2-step verification for further security.

To make your Whatsapp account more secure and not easily hijacked, you can activate this feature to activate the two-step verification feature.

Two-step Verification

You can activate this security feature in the settings menu then select the Account menu, then here select the two-step verification menu. In the two-step verification menu, all you have to do is enable the feature below security option, then here you just need to register a PIN which will be asked when you open WhatsApp.

Two-step Verification

Later when you register a new phone in WhatsApp you have to enter this PIN again. So your WhatsApp account will be safer because it is not easy to register on another phone.

Here you need to enter your PIN twice, and you can also enter your email. Later you can secure your WhatsApp account via this email to reset the password. Then you just press the save button and now the two-step verification has been enabled on your Whatsapp account.

Two-step Verification

So, by activating this feature when your Whatsapp account is logged in or activated on another phone, you will have to enter this PIN again, so your WhatsApp account will certainly be safer by activating this feature and not easily misused by other parties.

5. Hide Previous Chat

Then the fifth feature, you can also hide chat on WhatsApp by clicking the archive button.

Hide Previous Chat

For example, there is a chat that you want to delete, you can just archive the message by pressing this down arrow button on the above right corner.

6. Custom Notification Tone

Then for the sixth feature, you can change the notification sound for certain people or groups only.

You can go directly to the option in the contact or group in which you want to change the notification sound, then click on the contact name and select custom notification.

Custom Notification Tone

In the custom notification menu, you check “use custom notification”and here you can directly select a ringtone for a particular contact.

Custom Notification Tone

So for each contact and group you can differentiate the sound of their the notification or ringtone.

7. Direct WhatsApp Chat Without Saving Phone Number

Then for the seventh tip, you can chat to a WhatsApp number without having to save the number.

Sometimes when you are buying something or want to contact someone online, sometimes there are moments when you want to chat with someone on WhatsApp just for a while or for temporary purposes.

For example, when we want to buy things online through a certain seller through the WhatsApp application, we don’t want to save the number maybe because we only need it for one purchase only. So, in this way you can directly contact the seller without the need to save the seller’s number on your phone.

The trick is that you can take advantage of the features of this “click to chat” application on the Play Store.

Direct WhatsApp Chat Without Saving Phone Number

This application is a small application and does not take up a lot of memory. The application is also free and you can directly download it from the Google Play Store. You just type “click to chat” on the Google Play Store, then install and open the application.

Well, here you just have to select the region for the Indonesian region, for example, here you can directly select the region number and enter the phone number.

Direct WhatsApp Chat Without Saving Phone Number

Then you can directly chat directly to the number without the need to save the number to your smartphone contacts. You can just click open and you can directly chat to the number. This is certainly quite useful for those of you who often chat with the WhatsApp application with certain people, but you only need to chat one time without the need to save the number.

8. Make Custom URL

Then the eighth feature, you can send a URL to access WA chat with certain messages in an automatic format. So you can create a URL with a certain format which later when clicked will immediately send a customized message with any text that you want.

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There are several ways to make this URL format through the website. If you are on the phone, you can take advantage of this “click to chat” feature that we downloaded earlier. You can open the application, enter the mobile number according to the region. Then click on the bottom right button and here you just enter the message you want to create for the link.

Make Custom URL

For example, we create an example message like this and then click the share button. Then click share again at the bottom right, then a URL like this will immediately appear which you can directly share to your friends or to your social media.

Make Custom URL

So you can directly share to your social media, for example like this. And when someone clicks on this link, it will go directly to your chat and there will be a written format that is directly written.

Make Custom URL

So you can type the text according to whatever you want. Later when people click on the URL that you’ve just created earlier they will be able to enter the message directly without retyping it.

9. Backup Chat to Google Drive

Then the next tips, you can back up your chats to Google Drive so that your WhatsApp chats can be directly accessed when you log in from a different smartphone.

For example, when you move your phone, you can use the backup feature to Google Drive to move all chats, data, photos, and videos.

To activate the automatic backup feature via Google Drive, you can go directly to the WhatsApp Settings. Then in this WhatsApp settings, select “Chats” and select the “Chat backup”.

Backup Chat to Google Drive

Here you can directly select one of the Google Drive accounts that you want to backup the WhatsApp chat. After selecting the account, later you can immediately backup to Google Drive automatically.

Here you can set the backup to be processed automatically every day, every week, or every month or if you only want to backup when you press the backup button.

Backup Chat to Google Drive

Here, for example, let’s just choose daily and for backups, you can choose over Wi-Fi only. So your WhatsApp chats will only be backed up automatically every day if you connect to Wi-Fi on your smartphone.

Backup Chat to Google Drive

10. Add New Contact with QR Code

Then the 10th feature, you can add a friend’s contact by scanning the QR code on your smartphone.

Add New Contact with QR Code

To share the QR code with your friends so that they can directly add their WhatsApp contacts, you can directly enter the settings from this top right corner.

Then select the settings menu and here just click the QR Code icon. So, you can directly share your QR Code so that it can be directly scanned and add contacts to the smartphone directly.

11. Hide Last Seen

Then the 11th tip you can also hide last seen. So for the last seen feature in the WhatsApp application, you can deactivate it so that it cannot be seen by others. So other contacts can’t see when was the last time you logged in on WhatsApp.

However, if you activate this feature, you also cannot see the Last seen of other contacts. So you can’t know when was the last time your friends logged in on WhatsApp as well.

Hide Last Seen

To activate the Last seen feature, you can go directly to option on the top right corner, then select settings then select the Account, Privacy and Last seen menu. Here you can choose Nobody so that no one can see your Last seen status or when was the last time you logged in on your WhatsApp. You can also choose Profile photos, About and Status in this section.

Hide Last Seen

12. Mark Important Message

Then the 12th tip, you can also mark important chats in your WhatsApp chats. For example, there is an important chat that you want to mark, you can immediately press and hold the message then click the star icon at the top.

Mark Important Message

Later, on the message there will be a star icon like this which indicates that the message already put into starred or the bookmark option.

To see all the messages that you have bookmarked or which we have starred earlier, we can select the options in this 3 dots icon on the upper right, then select Starred messages.

Mark Important Message

Here you can immediately find messages that you have marked with a star earlier. You can mark all messages from various contacts with a star and later will go directly to this Starred message.

13. Hide Read Receipts

Then the next feature you can also hide the read sign or double check icons in the Account privacy setting.

In the WhatsApp Account settings choose this 3 dots icon then select Settings then select Account and Privacy. Here you can disable the Read receipts feature.

Hide Read Receipts

If you disable this feature you also can’t get a double tick indicator and you can’t tell if your message has been received or read by the recipient.

14. Chat with Styles

Then the 14th tip, you can also chat directly in groups or in personal messages with italic, bold or strike hold fonts.

For bold fonts, you can add an asterisk “*” at the beginning of the word and the words will immediately be bold like this.

Chat with Styles

And for italics, you can use an underscore “_”and end it with an underscore.

Chat with Styles

For strikehold, you just add a character “~” at the beginning and also at the end.

Chat with Styles

So, later on, your text can be bolded, italicized, or crossed out like this.

Chat with Styles

15. Share Better Photo

Then the 15th tip, you can share photos on WhatsApp Stories with a better resolution.

If you often share photos on WhatsApp stories and sometimes the resolution is low and the text are not very visible, you can first send the photo to one of the contacts so that the photo is compressed automatically by WhatsApp compression because the compression system in WhatsApp chat is sometimes a little more better than uploading directly on the WhatsApp story.

Share Better Photo

Then you just open the photo that you sent earlier, then share it again to the WhatsApp story.

Share Better Photo

And sometimes, with these tips, the photos can be a little better than uploading directly from the WhatsApp story.

16. Send High Quality Photo

Then the 16th tip, you can send high quality photos or with maximum resolution on WhatsApp by sending them via file attachments.

So, if you send photos manually like this, the photos will be compressed and reduced by the WhatsApp compression algorithm and sometimes the resolution of the photos will be low and quite noticeable.

So if you want to send photos with the highest resolution, you can send them via file attachments in this WhatsApp application.

Send High Quality Photo

You can select the attachment, then select the document, then select Browse other docs and select the photo that you want to send, then press the Send button, and now the photo will be sent via attachment.

Send High Quality Photo

And photos received on other smartphones will be exactly the same quality as from the sender smartphone. There is no compression and quality loss if you send it via file attachment.

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