Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Prism Green – First Impression and Fingerprint Test

In the following video we will unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus which was just launched in the first quarter of early 2019. You can check the full unboxing video here:

First thing we got when we open the Samsung Galaxy S10+ package was a serial number sticker. Then, at the top of the box we get an ejector tray sim and in the small box on top of it, we get a transparent case. The case is type of hardcase and not the soft case like the jelly case. Then, we also get manuals, how to transfer content from old cellphones guide and also there are quick start guides and how to transfer content to mobile phones in Indonesian and also another easy guide in Indonesian.

On the front side of the Samsung Galaxy S10 +, we get two front cameras. On the back there are three cameras, one flashlight and also a sensor to check blood pressure. The design of the back is curved just like Samsung’s flagship phones in previous years. At the top there is a SIM tray. This SIM tray only supports one card and one hybrid slot. Can only be used with either SIM card or memory card.

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On the right, there is a power button and in front there are two front cameras. Next to it is a volume button and a Bixby button. You can check the speed of the initial boot up of Samsung Galaxy S10 + on the video above.

In the box we get an adaptive fast charging adapter. Then, we can also use the USB Type-C adapter to an ordinary USB adapter. Then there is the C-type USB cable and also the earphones from the AKG. The outer part of the strap is made of fabric. Next we also get payment some pair of ear tips for these earphones for smaller or larger ear tips.

For the appearance of one UI the icon looks large to make it easier when using the phone with one hand. For operating systems that already use the latest, Android Pie 9.0. If you are not too familiar with this ultrasonic fingerprint at the beginning it does feel a little bit difficult. But it will be easier to use this fingerprint sensor after a few days of use.

When you have just spent a few moments, it will feel a little difficult to know the position of this fingerprint because if the screen does not tell you the exact position of the fingerprint until you tap on the screen. What is clear is that using ultrasonic is definitely safer than just using an optical sensor like on other cellphones.

for the fluidity of moving between multiple apps on this Samsung Galaxy S10+ is very smooth and the response has also been fast enough, for the first impression, the speed is quite impressive. The response is also very fast and the fingerprint unlocking speed is quite fast as well.


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