Unboxing Redmi Note 7 Nebula Red (Pink) Global Version – Camera Test

In this video we will be unboxing the latest smartphone from redmi with a 48MP camera, and before reviewing the smartphone. Today, we want to make the unboxing video Here’s the cellphone that we will unbox today this is Redmi Note 7 smartphone global version.

You can check out the full unboxing video of Redmi Note 7 here:

The box design is almost the same as other Xiaomi phone package even though this is now has become its own brand Redmi, the sub-brand of Xiaomi, but in the box we still see Xiaomi logo at the top corner. At the bottom, there is a little orange color on the right as usual there is a redmi note 7 print.

On the left there is also a Redmi Note 7 print above is empty below is also empty and behind there are some specifications of the redmi note 7, 48 MP rear camera with a 5MP depth sensor dual rear camera then 6.3″ Full HD+, Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and 4000mAH battery. Underneath, there is also other specifications from this cellphone.

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I got this Redmi Note 7 from the flash sale. Because I need to check out fast, I randomly choose this nebula red color, I hope it looks good. This is the 3GB version with 32GB internal. I bought this phone at the price of $150. Hopefully it’s not too flashy and looks good. The color gradation is good and not too pink. First let’s see what the box contains. In this top section there is a sim ejector tray, then in this box there is a manual book then here we get the phone and it also comes with a jelly case.

This is the Redmi Note 7 with nebula red color. It looks purple-ish with the gradient of red. From the rear, the design is pretty interesting. It doesn’t look like a phone with $150 price tag. It comes with an attractive rear design. There is the gradations red and purple color. on the phone sides, the color is solid red.

From the rear design, the rear color is attractive. In the box there is an adapter for this Redmi Note 7 with 5V/2A standard adapter. There are no other prints on this adapter. Then we also get a USB type-c cable. Well this is an interesting selling point from the Redmi Note 7. At a price of $150 we already got a phone with USB type-C. So you can charge it in both ways. It’s now reversible and not like the standard micro USB cable.

That’s all from the Redmi Note 7 package. There is a cable, adapter, jelly case, and there also sim tray ejector. The Redmi Note 7 only supports 1 SIM card slot and 1 hybrid memory card slot which can be used for SIM card or memory card. Maybe this is one of the drawbacks of the redmi note 7 for those of you who want to use 2 cards and also the memory card simultaneously. This is something that you should consider before buying this Redmi Note 7.

For the rear design of the Redmi Note 7. There is a Redmi by Xiaomi print on the back then in the camera part, there is 48 MP AI Dual Camera on the back. for the rear design is quite interesting however unfortunately it is a bit lacking to the side color. The side color don’t follow the gradation color from the back. so, the side is just all red. while on the back there is some gradation of red and purple. Anyway, it’s not noticeable from the rear look and at this price point the back design is quite impressive.

The screen design is already bezelles and only left a small notch at the top for the side bezel it’s still thick. However, it’s still tolerable for mobile phones at a price of $150. This is good enough on this price tag. The bezel of Redmi Note 7 at the bottom is also still pretty thick. The operating system runs on this Redmi Note 7 is Android pie 9.0 and MIUI version 10.2, Stable ROM.


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