8 Cool Features on Samsung’s Keyboard That You May Never Use – There are LATEST Features❗

In today’s article we’ll take a look at eight useful settings on the Samsung keyboard that you probably haven’t tried yet. At the Samsung keyboard, there are several settings that are quite useful for you to use everyday and maybe you haven’t used it before. So in this article we will share eight useful tips for you to use Samsung keyboard. Now, let’s just take a look at the features in the first setting.

1. Sticker & Emoji Suggestion

For the first feature, you can activate emoji suggestion to be displayed when you type certain words. So, you can just select the emoji and send it just by typing the word.

Sticker & Emoji SuggestionTo activate this emoji suggestion, you can directly enter the Samsung keyboard settings. In the Samsung keyboard settings select the Smart Typing. Then in this setting you just need to activate the Suggest while typing sticker in this section. You can also activate the Suggest emojis.

Sticker & Emoji SuggestionSo later when you are typing there will be suggestions for emojis and also for the stickers, all you have to do is select the sticker and you can send it directly to your chat.

2. Integrated Samsung Pass

Then the next feature on the Samsung keyboard is Samsung Pass. For this Samsung Pass feature, you can use this built-in feature from Samsung to save some important things. In the Samsung Pass menu, there are Notes, Cards and Addresses and you can also save the Sign-in data. You just need to add the notes in this section and you can immediately save it and you can access it and it can only be opened with your fingerprint. So if you keep notes in this section and Samsung Pass, of course it will be safer than you use regular notes. Here you can also save card numbers or addresses. So when typing, you can select the address that has been saved in this section.

Integrated Samsung PassOf course, the address in this section will not be accessible to those who holds your cellphone because there will be verification once again for authentication when choosing this Samsung Pass. So, of course this is a solution to store notes or addresses that are a little safer than storing notes as usual.

3. Text Shortcut

Then the next feature is Text Shortcut. So, besides being able to send emojis and stickers automatically like this, you can also create shortcuts automatically. Maybe you are used to using this feature on other types of keyboards. For the Samsung keyboard, you can use it in the settings section, then here select the Smart Typing. In this Smart Typing setting, select Text Shortcut. You can find Text Shortcut at the very bottom. Then here you just need to add the words that you want to make the shortcut. For example, you are an online shop admin and you often reply the same messages over and over, you can create this shortcut.

Text ShortcutFor example, if you want to create a shortcut for thank you, all you have to do is type a few letters. For example, here we type the shortcut “th”. For example, if you make a phrase like this “Thank you for shopping at our store”, you just need to add it and later when you type the two letters you can immediately write one sentence like that, and the shortcut will appear in this section. You just have to tap it and immediately the sentence appears like this. You can take advantage of this feature if you frequently reply the same messages over and over. You just need to adjust the shortcut according to the messages you use often.

4. Quick Translate

Then the next feature is the Quick Translate feature. We can use the Quick Translate feature to directly translate two languages ​​from the keyboard. You can translate from Indonesian to English directly from the keyboard settings. In the keyboard settings section, you can immediately click on the three top right dots, then select the Translate. Here you just have to choose the language you want to translate. Here are various languages ​​you can choose from, it seems to be the source from Google Translate.

Quick TranslateFor example, here we choose English to Indonesian, we can directly type the text here. We can type the sentence from the keyboard and click the enter button or what has changed to the Translate button. Then here will immediately appear the meaning of what we have typed. So, you can easily translate to various languages ​​directly from the keyboard with this feature. If you often chat in different languages, this is of course very helpful for your productivity. So, it will be easier when you want to send the message like this. Here you no longer need to translate it manually because here it will be translated directly and will go directly to the text in this section.

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5. Cursor Control

Cursor ControlThen the next feature is the Cursor Control feature. This feature is of course very useful for correcting the text that you are typing. For example, if you want to correct this text, you can immediately hold and drag it to the part of the letter that you want to correct. Then you can immediately correct the letters. So when you type and there is one word that is wrong, you can immediately hold the space and take advantage of this feature. You just have to choose the wrong part of the letter and you can immediately delete the letter.

For example, there is a letter that you missed, you can slide the cursor with a space like this. Just hold on the space and slide it left and right. Then we can immediately add the letters and immediately slide them back to the front. Besides that, you can also select the entire text by using the cursor control feature. You can hold in the space then just slide it with another thumb . Then all you have to do is search like this to select the entire text. So, with this feature you can directly select the entire text more easily.

6. Text Editing Mode

Then there is also a more advanced Text Editing mode. You can use this feature if you need to edit a document that is long enough and you need a copy and paste feature. To enter this mode, you can immediately tap the three dots on the right, then select the Text Editing. Then here you can immediately move the cursor more freely. This is of course more useful when you are editing long text and you need a faster copy and paste feature.

Text Editing ModeSo, all you have to do is press the select button like this then slide the cursor then you can directly copy the text or cut the text in this section, and you can immediately move it to the part you want. When you edit a long document and need a faster copy and paste feature, you can take advantage of this Text Editing Mode feature.

7. Youtube Link Share

Then there is also a share feature for You Tube and Spotify. You can immediately share You Tube video on this keyboard section. Here you just have to tap on the three top right dots, then select You Tube or Spotify. All you have to do is tap You Tube and you can immediately search for You Tube videos directly on your keyboard.

Youtube Link ShareYou can search in this section and immediately find the You Tube video you wanted. This feature certainly useful to share You Tube videos easily and can be directly through the keyboard. You can also use it with the Spotify by clicking in this section as the same way as on You Tube earlier.

8. New Keyboard Theme

New Keyboard ThemeThen the last one is a theme feature that you can customize right away. Here there are several themes that we have customized beforehand and you can immediately select the theme. This is the latest Samsung keyboard feature. For those who want to customize the keyboard theme according to your own photos and the colors as you like, you can check our previous article on the link in the upper right corner. In that article, we have shared how to change the keyboard background and also customize the colors of the keyboard.

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