22 New Features on the Latest Samsung One UI 2.0 based on Android 10 Update on Samsung Galaxy S10+

On this article. Let’s take a look on the latest features of One UI 2.0. This One UI 2.0 is based on the latest Android 10.

I got this One UI 2.0 update a few days ago on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone. Besides Samsung Galaxy S series, One UI version 2.0 will also be available in several other Samsung smartphone too. Like on Samsung Note series, A Series, M series, and even J Series and Galaxy Tab too.

The updates will be given in several phase starting from January 2020. For the complete list of all the samsung devices that will get One UI 2.0 update. You can check the complete list here:

One UI 2.0 Android 10 Schedule Update – List of Samsung Phones that Get OneUI 2.0 Update in 2020

Okay, now let’s just look one by one, all of features that are available on One UI 2.0.

1. New Edge Light Effect Animation

The first feature is a new animation design in the edge lighting settings. Previously, there were only a few animations. On One UI 2.0, there are some new animations update that look quite interesting. In the effect, there are some new effect like glitter, glow, multi color, then bubble, wave, and also basic for the default. Then, there is also some additional effects below. there is a spotlight effect that will bring up the effect of light at the top of the display, and beside, there is also echo option which also looks very interesting, The effect looks like a drop of water falling from the top of the screen. then there is also the firework effect, and also the last one is heart effect.

2. Improved One-handed Mode Access

The next feature is the new easy way to access one-handed mode. To activate this features, you only need to swipe down at the bottom center of the screen. The screen size can also be adjusted to the size that you want. The position can also be moved to the left or right of the screen. To exit this mode, just touch on the outside of the small display screen.

3. Change the Shortcut on the Lock Screen

Next, in One UI 2.0. there are settings to change the application shortcuts on the lock screen. You can change application shortcuts on the right and left side of the lock screen with other application shortcuts. you can change it with the app that you frequently open.

4. Add Stickers on Calendar

The next update is the new sticker features in the calendar application. In this update you can add stickers to the calendar directly from the outside view without adding any additional notes. If you want, you can also add notes, by going to the settings per date as usual.

5. Tab Style on Samsung Internet App

Other additional features are in the default Samsung internet browser application. In this update there is one new view for switching between tabs. now you can choose list view or tab view on Samsung Internet application. the tab with list view will appear smaller than tab view. while for tab view, there will be a preview of the tabs that are currently open. and the appearance of each tab also looks bigger than list view.

6. Improved Brightness and Volume Settings Display

Then the next thing is the display when adjusting brightness or volume. In this update now when adjusting the brightness or volume. the display bar will be bigger, so it’ll be easier to see.The default color display icon is also slightly changed and the most noticeable change is the animation when opening and moving the application. it seems more fluid and smooth now.

7. Gestures Navigation Based on Android 10

The next features are quite interesting. This features was adopted directly from Android 10. There is one additional full screen gestures on this new One UI 2.0 update. When this feature is activated, the recent apps, can be accessed by swiping up and hold from the bottom of the screen, and to go back, just swipe from the left or right of the screen.
to access Google Assistant you can swipe from the lower left or right corner of the screen. Under the fullscreen navigation setting, there is also the gesture sensitivity option. You can adjust the sensitivity level based on your usage pattern. if the gesture is too responsive you can reduce the sensitivity, and vice versa.

8. New Wallpaper Settings

On the previous One UI 1.0, the display when changing the wallpaper on the Samsung mobile phone looks a little bit messy with so much text and choice. on this new update, the wallpaper setting is more simpler and clener.
there is a preview of the wallpaper that was currently used at the top.
and at the bottom you can select a few options to change the wallpapers.

9. Dynamic Lock Screen

In addition to displaying new wallpaper settings. There is also the dynamic lock screen feature. This dynamic lock screen feature can be activated by downloading from 5 choices of wallpaper theme, there are landscapes, life, food, pets, and art. after activating it, every time you unlock your smartphone, the wallpaper will change based on your chosen theme.

10. Native Built-in Screen Recorder

The next one is the native built-in screen recorder. Previously, you can only screen record by using the game launcher or 3rd party application by adding a nice shot application that must be downloaded separately. On this new update, the video recording process can be easily done by swiping down the status bar and just tap on the screen recorder button. You can choose the sound recorded on the video screen recorder to record the sound from the smartphone media only or record the sound of the microphone as well.

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This is quite useful if you want to make video with voice-over while recording your smartphone screen. when recording you can also easily write notes on the screen, and also add your selfie videos. In the settings you can also adjust the size of this selfie video.

11. Always-on Fingerprint Icon

The next feature is the new always-on fingerprint display. If on the previous version, the fingerprint icon can only be seen if you enable always-on display. On this update, there is an option to display the fingerprint logo only, without activating the always-on display. This will be useful to know the position of the fingerprint sensor when the screen is off.

12. Live Preview When Changing the Folder Color

Another additional feature on OneUI 2.0 is the preview when changing folder colors. In this latest OneUI 2.0, when changing the folder color, you can immediately see the folder color changes at the top of the screen directly. This was not available on the previous OneUI version.

13. Digital Well Being and Device Care Redesign

Other things that look different on this update is the new design on some of settings. like digital well being and device care. The device care display look very different than before and looks clean and simple. The display on battery, storage and memory is also looks pretty much different now. The digital well being display also appears to be following this new design update.

14. App Timers & Focus Mode features

In the digital well being section there are now also app timers features, this features can limit the use of certain applications based on the time usage. then there is also the new focus mode feature. When the focus mode feature is activated, all applications cannot be accessed, except for the application that you have chosen only.

With this feature you can limit the use of applications so they cannot be accessed when you want to focus on your work. so you are not easily distracted by social media and games when you are really want to focus on something,
it is pretty much useful to make in case you want to be more focused and productive.

15. Cursor Control on Samsung Keyboard

The next update is the new cursor control feature on Samsung Keyboard, for iPhone users, this features would already seem familiar. By using this feature, you can hold the space bar and swipe left and right to move the cursor while typing and correct the wrong letters faster.

16. Show button to hide keyboard

The Samsung Keyboard feature in One UI 2.0 also comes with an option to display the button to hide the keyboard. as the consequences, the keyboard is slightly raised to the top. If you are not familiar with the black bar at the bottom of your keyboard, you can easily remove this features on the navigation bar settings and deactivate the “show button to hide keyboard”.

17. Calculator New Speed and Time Units

The next features is in the calculator application. There are a few additional measurements for speed and time that were not previously available in the initial version of the OneUI application.

18. Trash on My Files and Contact App

After that, the next additional feature is the trash feature that is added to the contact application and my files application. This feature is pretty much similar to the feature in the first version of the One UI gallery app which functions like a recycle bin on a PC. So files that have been deleted can be easily restored. But one thing to remember is that the files in this trash will also be deleted automatically within 15 days.

19. New Design on Camera App

The next big changes is on the camera app on this One UI 2.0. The camera application look pretty much different now and simpler too. When zooming manually at 0.5x 1x 2x and 10x. the dedicated zoom option will appear when pinching the display. The rarely used camera modes is now placed in the more section on the camera menu. Of course, you can also customize these menus on your own. There are also new features such as slow-motion selfie on this OneUI 2.0 update.

20. Improved Dark Mode

The Dark Mode feature which was previously called Night Mode by Samsung in the previous One UI version, is now further enhanced with more comprehensive features. There are features like the background that will be a little more dimmed when the Dark Mode feature is activated. and also the support for dark mode on some menus and other additional applications.

21. Wireless power share battery limit setting

Next there are features in PowerShare settings, in this new update now this power sharing feature can be limited and will automatically deactivate when the battery reaches that percentage limit. This percentage limit can be set between 30% to 90%.

22. Improved Face Unlock Setting

Then the last one is the additional features on face unlock setting, on this update you can now add your alternative display so that the face recognition process can be even more accurate. There is also a “require open eyes” option that can be activated so that face unlock cannot be opened when the eyes are closed.

And that’s all the features on the latest One UI 2.0 based Android 10 update. Which one do you think is the most useful and favorite feature in Update One UI this time? Share your answers in the comments section down below.


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