Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black – Samsung Galaxy S10+ Pre-order Gift

This is an unboxing video of Samsung Galaxy Watch. This Samsung Galaxy Watch was from pre-order gift of Samsung Galaxy S10+. On the front side of the Galaxy Watch box, we can see the size of the watch which is 42mm And this type only supports Bluetooth and does not support 4G Lte. The box is like a shopping bag, there is a handle at the top. At the bottom of the box there is the color option of this version which is midnight black and made in Vietnam.

On the back of the box there is Galaxy Watch logo with some specifications below, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. On the right, there is the strap size of 20mm and the size of the watch is 42mm. Because the Galaxy Watch series has two sizes, the first one is 42mm and the bigger one is 46mm.

In the box the first thing we find is is a serial number sticker for this product. And then, of course we got Samsung Galaxy Watch right inside the the box. The design is almost similar to Samsung Gear S3. And because, this is the  42mm size series. So it’s little bit smaller than Samsung Gear S3.

for the size comparison of those two smartwatch, you can checkout the video here:

For those of you who has a small wrist. It will be more suitable to use the 42mm type. The sensor on the back of this smartwatch has different sensors than the old Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier. Inside the box, we also got the adapter charger with the output 5V / 0.7A.

Then, in the right side of the box, we get a strap with a size of 20mm L size for those who requires a longer strap then let’s also check again inside this plastic we get wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy Watch which is very similar to wireless charging for Samsung Gear S3. It’s just a little bit different at the bottom. There is a small difference maybe to make it safer and not too shifted when putting the smartwatch on it. Besides, that we also get a manual book.

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For the most suitable size of Samsung Galaxy Watch for you. It depends on on your personal preferences. If you have a hand with small wrist you better take the 42mm type or if you prefer the larger watch you can get the 46mm size

Samsung Galaxy Watch looks not much different from Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. For the quality of the screen is more likely the same. The viewing angle is also not much different. The feeling when using bezel indeed feels more comfortable on Samsung Galaxy Watch.

There is a slight improvement in the bezel mechanism. For the memory capacity, it is also similar to Samsung Gear S3.  The software for the Samsung Galaxy Watch has not been updated yet, the latest version is The most significant difference between these two are the battery capacity.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm has a smaller battery capacity than Samsung Gear S3. But if you prefer to get the 46mm type, it has the largest battery capacity among the three. Just like in Samsung Gear S3, on this Samsung Galaxy Watch, also has been provided with a workout tracking feature which can detect what types of workout you are doing


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