Unboxing Samsung Galaxy M20, First Impression and Photo Sample

In this video we will unboxing Samsung Galaxy M20. I bought this package at an online marketplace around $190. The box of the Samsung Galaxy M20 is quite interesting with the colorful wallpaper. On the right side there is a samsung print on the plastic. On the back, there is an explanation of the key selling point of this Samsung Galaxy M20. On the right, there is the print of Samsung Galaxy M20. At the bottom there is a color description, ocean blue and manufactured in Indonesia.

This Samsung Galaxy M20 has been equipped with 5000mAh battery. with an 8 megapixel front-facing camera and the first rear camera is 13 megapixels and the second camera is 5 megapixel with wide-angle lens. Inside the package of Samsung Galaxy M20, we get an USB type-C cable. Samsung galaxy M20 earphone and sim ejector tray. Even though it looks like glass actually the back component is plastic. If you hold the phone, you will immediately tell that the material is plastic.

The viewing angles of Samsung Galaxy M20 are quite clear. Even from the far corners the color is still clearly visible.
The screen of this cellphone is TFT PLS which is actually almost the same as IPS display made by LG. There is an interesting animation when we unlock the phone with face recognition, the front design of this handphone is quite interesting. It comes with a notch called infinity-v. The rear camera of this handphone is 13MP for the main camera and the second wide-angle camera is 5MP.

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The back of Samsung Galaxy M20 phone also has a fingerprint sensor. So for those of you who still prefer to use fingerprint This handphone would be a perfect fit for you. We have tried to take some photos to see the photo quality of Samsung Galaxy M20 camera and you can see the result at the end of the video.


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