The Latest One UI 5.1 Features Update on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has just received the latest version of One UI 5.1, which brings several exciting new features. What are these new features? Below is a full review of the latest One UI 5.1 features that we’ve just received on the S22 Ultra series.

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1. Quickly Change the Color Tone for Selfies

The first new feature in One UI 5.1 is found in the camera application’s selfie mode. In this latest version, when you open the front camera and click the “Effect” button in the top-right corner, you’ll notice that the “Color Tone” option has been seamlessly integrated into the front camera view.

Now you can easily adjust the color tone directly from the front camera mode without the need to access camera settings again. The available options remain the same as in the previous version, with only two choices: Natural and Bright.

2. Discover Expert RAW

The second new feature is also in the camera application, with the integration of the Expert RAW feature directly into the default camera menu. Previously, users had to download the Expert RAW application separately from the Galaxy Store and outside of the default camera application. Now, the Expert RAW feature can be found under the “More” option on the default camera application.

When trying to access the Expert RAW application from the default camera application, users will be directed to the same Expert RAW application that was previously downloaded from the Galaxy Store. The two applications are identical in appearance and functionality.

Here, we can see that accessing the Expert RAW now has become easier with its direct integration in One UI 5.1. The settings appear similar to the previous version, including the Multiple Exposure feature. Additionally, the Expert RAW application now includes the AstroPhoto feature.

To see an example on how to use this feature, you can check the following video:

3. More Powerful Search

Next, the third new feature is in the Gallery application, In this latest update, when you search for images in the Gallery application, you can now search for images based on several search criteria at once.

You can even select several faces at once to search for images, and the search results will immediately present a group photo that comes with a photo according to the face you are looking for.

4. GIF Remaster & Enhanced Image Remastering

The next new feature is the GIF Remaster and an improvement in the Remaster Picture which was also already available previously. In this latest version, the Remaster Picture has been improved to provide even better results.

and the new feature here is GIF Remaster. it is almost the same as the Picture Remaster but for GIF images. This GIF Remaster feature was just introduced at the launch of the S23 Ultra and now in the S22 Ultra series, after getting the latest One UI 5.1 update, you can also directly utilizethis new GIF Remaster feature.

Here, when we try the latest GIF Remaster feature in the S22 Ultra series for a GIF image that looks a bit blurry and lacking in detail, the quality can be slightly improved compared to the previous version. However for the result, it depends on the GIF image that you have, because there are also GIF images that don’t show much change after we try using this GIF Remaster feature.

5. Create a Shared Family Album

Next, for the fifth feature, it is the Shared Family Album feature directly in the default Gallery application. After adding the Shared Album in the latest version of Gallery on One UI 5.1, there is a new option to share albums with the Share link feature.

With the latest Share Link feature, now you can easily share the album link directly with anyone you want. And anyone who has the link can easily access the album link as long as they use a Samsung smartphone.

6. Revamped Info Display

Then, the next new feature is still in the gallery application. Now, when you are viewing a photo or video in the Gallery, and you swipe up to see information about the photo or video.

In this new display, you can now see data about when and where the photo or video was taken with just one swipe. You can also see what device was used to take the photo or video, and other data about the photo or video can also be easily checked in this latest update.

7. Access Your Most Used Apps in Split Screen

The next new feature, the seventh feature is when you open Split screen view. Here, the most frequently used applications on your smartphone will appear in the recent Apps section on the second row. Here there will be a new menu called Most used apps, where the most frequently used applications on your smartphone will appear.

8. Improved Multitasking In Dex

Then, the next new feature is in the Samsung Dex display when you connect your smartphone to a monitor display, when you open two applications at once and make their display side-by-side with Split screen view, now you can easily drag the middle part to change the application display on the left and the application display on the right. Both applications will adjust their display according to the size you choose.

9. Snap to Corner to Quickly Open 4 App Window

The next new feature is also in the Samsung Dex section. Now, in the latest Samsung Dex display, you can also directly open the application view in 4 application window display simultaneously in each corner of the screen very quickly.

How to use it is quite easy, You only need to drag the open window to each corner of the screen to open the application view in this 4-window display. Each application that you drag to each corner will immediately open in a small size according to the display of this 4 windows.

10. Change Wallpapers Based on Your Mode

Then, the next new feature is in the Modes and Routines setting. In the mode setting in the modes and routines option, now you can directly synchronize the mode with the wallpaper that appears on your smartphone. This feature is certainly familiar to those of you who have ever used or seen the iOS 16 display before.

We have previously compared the iOS 16 and One UI 5 features. For those of you who haven’t seen the comparison between iOS 16 and One UI 5 and what are the similarities in both OS, you can check the video here:

One of the iOS 16 features that is not available in One UI 5.0 is the feature of automatically changing the wallpaper based on the active mode. Now, in the latest version of One UI 5.1, this feature has been added in Modes and Routines, and this certainly adds similarity between One UI 5 features with iOS 16.

Now in One UI 5.1 version, you can directly change the mode, and then the wallpaper will also change with the mode, and this new feature not only can change the wallpaper display on the home screen and lock screen of the smartphone, it can even change Watch faces display on the Samsung Galaxy Watch that you are using.

11. More Actions for Routines

Then the next new feature is still in the Modes and Routines section. In the Routines section, when you add a new Action, you can now find several new additional actions in One UI 5 version.

In this latest update, in addition to the additional feature settings for Quick Share, there are also settings for touch sensitivity, changing ringtone, and also changing the Font Style.

12. New Weather App Interface

In the Weather application, there are several new appearance changes in the One UI 5.1 version. There is a summary for today’s weather and the color chart displayed on the table above will immediately adjust the color according to the displayed temperature.

13. New Widget App Widget Interface

Then the next new thing besides in the Weather application is also found in the Weather Widget that we add to the home screen. When you add the Weather Widget to the home screen with Dynamic display, now for the weather summary, it will also immediately appear on the Widget on the home screen.

For example, here the weather summary is Light Rain Shower, the words Light Rain Shower will also immediately showed on the Widget on the home screen

14. Improved Search

Then the next feature, the 14th feature, is an improved search feature when you search for the name of an application that is on your smartphone. For the search feature, it is now more advanced and improved from the previous version.

In the previous version, when you typed a word that was misspelled for the application or file name, the application would not appear in the search result. But in this latest version, when you search for files or applications with slightly misspelled spelling, the search results are now better and can predict your typing even if you make a small typo.

15. New Widget to Display Battery Percentage

Then next, there is also a new Widget that you can directly use in the latest version, it can display the battery percentage for each Samsung device you use.


For the display of the battery status Widget, there are two different displays, there is a display with a size of 4×1 with a round design and there is also a rectangular square design with a size of 4×2.

16. Use Up To 3 Emojis in AR Emoji Camera

Then the next new feature is in the AR Emoji Camera section. Now in this latest update, you can now use the AR Emoji Camera feature for up to 3 people at the same time. In addition, there is also one new Emoji in this new update.

17. New AR Doodle Interface

Then the next the difference is also in the AR Doodle section. For the AR Doodle display in the latest One UI 5.1, it now looks slightly different compared to the previous settings. For the Undo and Redo buttons, they are now also placed directly in the settings at the bottom. And there is also a delete button that you can directly access in the new position.

18. Spotify Suggestions

Next, the 18th feature is in the Smart Suggestion menu. In this Smart Suggestion menu, if you often listen to music through the Spotify application, then in the Smart Suggestion Widget section, the playlists that you often play on Spotify will appear.

This widget will automatically change when you frequently listen to songs in the Spotify application, and when you haven’t heard a song for a certain period of time, sometimes this widget will also disappear.

19. Changes to Screenshot and Screen Recorder Settings

Then the next change is in the Screenshot and Screen Recorder settings. In this latest update, you can directly choose the Storage or Folder for the Screenshot and Screen recording.

You can also check the video version of the article here:



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