One UI 5.0 Release Date & Eligible Devices, Good Lock, Taskbar, and Modes in Bixby Routine

In this article, we will see some of the latest info about One UI 5.0 and Good Lock that we just got a few days ago from the SDC22 or Samsung Developer Conference 2022 event.

Even though this event is actually for developers who develop software or applications, however, it turns out that there is some important and essential info that we found in this event that is very interesting to talk about. because there are several things related to the latest One UI 5.0 update and there is also news about the future of the Good Lock on Samsung devices in the future.

Modes Feature in Bixby Routine

At this event, before Samsung talked more about One UI 5.0 and Good Lock. At the beginning of the event, there were also some explanations about the features that will be on Samsung’s newest smartphones, tablets, and Smartwatches. These new features will be available in the Bixby Routine app and it will sync across all Samsung devices. Actually, this Bixby Routine feature is not a new feature. And we have often discussed the benefits and how to use it on Samsung smartphones in previous videos.

However, in this conference, Samsung explains a little about the “Modes” feature in Bixby Routine. and this feature little bit remind us of the focus feature in iOS that can directly sync with the lock screen display.

Bixby Text-to-Voice

Then apart from that, Samsung also explained about the latest feature called “text-to-voice” in Bixby. This feature can directly convert the text that we type into sound. it can be used when we are getting a phone call but can’t pick up the phone and talk directly.

this feature looks quite interesting but unfortunately this feature can only be used in Korean and later for the English and Other Languages will be added in the future.

Samsung Partnership with Google and Microsoft

And then here, Samsung also explains about its partnership with several companies such as Microsoft and Google in integrating software into their new devices.

For the partnership with Microsoft, we have actually got the features already which is called “Link to Windows”. This feature can help you directly connect Samsung phones to Windows PCs. So, you can directly access some smartphone features directly from your laptop.

In this latest release, it is also mentioned that later there will be some interesting additional features from this partnership. there is also new seamless PC-to-Phone Continuity on PowerPoint app from smartphones to laptops.

Next, there was also an explanation about the Watch Face customization feature on the Smartwatch that can be used by the developer by using the Galaxy Watch Face Studio application.

Improved Multitasking Features with Taskbar on Z Fold & Tablet

Then we also get interesting information about the multitasking feature which has actually been around for a long time on Samsung phones, and now has been improved on several devices with a large screen with the additional Taskbar feature.

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Now, actually we can already try this feature and experience it on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 series and later on, they said this feature will also be available for other Samsung tablet series through a software update with the latest Android 12L version.

One UI 5.0 & Good Lock Update

Then the most interesting thing is the info about the latest One UI 5.0 update which we have been waiting for a long time. at this event we get some insight about the latest features that will later be available in this One UI 5.0.

Then, for the Good Lock feature which previously could only be accessed by manually installing the modules on some regions. On One UI 5.0 update, they said, there will be a new Good Lock features that will be directly adopted in One UI 5.0.

Lock screen Features on Samsung Phone with LockStar

This event also mentioned that the Good Lock feature will later come with new features updates that are very interesting. for the Good Lock feature in One UI 5.0.

The main highlight shown is a feature on the lock screen display that can be customized easily then there is also a Good Lock feature called LockStar for advanced lock screen customization with more design options.

This feature certainly reminds us a little of the latest Lock screen feature that is recently available in iOS 16. And maybe this is Samsung’s answer to the new iOS 16 feature that comes with the lock screen customization, whereas in Samsung, this feature has already been available for a long time. even though it looks a little different from the lock screen display on iOS 16.

Then here Samsung also highlights some of the old features that already exist, such as Dynamic lock screen. it is also quite similar to the features in iOS 16.

Samsung One UI 5.0 Final Version Release Date and Eligible Devices

Then finally here we also get a new info on the official schedule for the release date of One UI 5.0, that will be released globally at the end of October. And the first to get the One UI 5.0 update as usual is the latest S Series, which are the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra.

When we already got the final version of One UI 5.0 update on our region. we will immediately share all the interesting features in the latest One UI 5.0 update in the next article.

You can also checkout the video version of this article below:


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