11 New Features on MIUI 11 – Latest MIUI 11 Update for Xiaomi and Redmi Smartphones on 2020

MIUI 11 was officially released on 16 October 2019 and can now be updated on several Xiaomi smartphones. like Redmi K20, Mi9T, Mi9 and also some other Xiaomi smartphone. After update, you’ll find some significant changes on MIUI 11 which is not available on the previous MIUI 10.

without further due, let’s check all 11 new features on this latest MIUI 11.

1. Ambient Display

The first change on MIUI 11 is the added features on Ambient Display. The ambient Display feature comes with more settings and new designs that can be customized. I know this features is already available in MIUI 10, but there are many settings and new theme options for ambient displays in MIUI 11. The new ambient display comes with a variety of the new ambient display animation, such as kaleidoscope with some unique pattern, and also analog or digital clocks with the latest design updates.

Recently there are also signature and background options for ambient light designs in this MIUI 11. In the signature option you can change the text, alignment and also the color of the writing easily to what you want. for each Ambient display option in MIUI 11 there are many things that you can change compared to the previous MIUI 10 version.

2. Ambient Light Notification

The second new feature is Ambient Light Notification. This feature is pretty much similar to the Samsung Edge lighting feature. It will shine light effect on the side of the phone when there is an incoming notification. There are several choices such as Starlight, Pulse, and also rhythm. The animation designs for ambient light notification on MIUI 11 looks quite fresh and unique. This feature will be very much useful if you think that you need to see and notice the notification updates on your smartphone. especially when the smartphone is on the table.

3. Improved Animations

The third update is a faster and smoother animation. This MIUI 11 comes with the new animation which looks so much better and smooth. when switching applications from one to another you will get a better and slightly different experience in this latest MIUI 11.

4. Video Wallpaper

The fourth feature that I found in the latest MIUI 11 update is the video wallpaper. In MIUI 11, now you can set the video that you’ve recorded and turn it into a live wallpaper. you can set it for home screen, lock screen or both. You can even activate the sound on this live wallpaper video setting if you want. But I prefer not to.

5. Ultra Battery Saver

The next feature is the ultra battery saver. This feature will be very helpful to save your smartphone batteries in emergency situations. this feature reportedly can even save the remaining 5% battery on your smartphone for full day usage. If you activate this features, it will deactivate all features on your smartphone except for the phone call and text message only. the screen color will also turn black and white. This feature is reportedly available in the Chinese version of MIUI 11 and unfortunately for the global version that I used on this Xiaomi Mi 9T, there is still no Ultra Battery Saver feature yet. let’s just wait and hope that this feature is also become available in the next update for the global version.

6. New Icons & System Design

The sixth feature is the latest update on the icon and system design. On this latest MIUI 11 update, It comes with a new design that looks a little different than the preview MIUI 10 icons. the icon on MIUI 11 looks more rounded at the edges. the design throughout the system application also looks pretty much different now.
It’s also noticeable that the icon and font is also changes to Milan Pro. The size and thickness of font can also be adjusted on the setting.

7. Calculator App

The seventh feature is the change in the calculator application. The calculator application at MIUI 11 appears to have several additional features such as features for calculating BMI, age, discount, percentages and also other things that are quite useful in daily use. The currency converters that were previously in the converter tab is now moved to the Finance tab.

The calculator feature in MIUI 11 can also be minimized by pressing the button on the top left. the transparency of the calculator display can also be set by pressing the water drop button next to it. It can certainly make thing easier for you. especially when using calculator app while multitask. you can easily minimize and restore it to full screen view by pressing the top left button again.

8. Improved Dark Mode Feature

The next update is a more complete dark mode feature. The dark mode feature in MIUI 11 has been improved to support almost all system applications. This dark mode feature also supports Play Store applications and Instagram.

9. Dynamic Natural Sound Effects

The next feature is dynamic natural sound effect. The latest feature update MIUI 11 comes with the latest notification sound that can change dynamically depending on time or place. The notification sounds will vary according to the time. The notification sounds for morning and evening will automatically be different. the choice of alarm sound also comes with dynamic natural sound effect with several choices. for “weather” the alarm will change according to the real weather of the day.

10. Mi Share App

then the next feature is the update on Mi Share application. Previously, Mi Share could only be used between Xiaomi smartphones only. The latest update on Mi Share on MIUI 11 now reportedly can support sharing files to several other smartphone brand such as Realme, Oppo and Vivo.

11. Screenshot Optimization

The last feature is the edit feature on the screenshot menu. After the screenshot’s taken, you can see there are additional features to edit the screenshot image. you can edit the picture with random drawing, straight lines, squares, circles and arrows. There is also an option to add text and also mosaic to give a blur effect to the image.

That’s all the latest 11 new features that are available in the latest MIUI 11 update. Which one is your favorite feature on this latest update? leave your comment your in the comments section down below.


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